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Look closer and take control of your microbial environment.

The saying goes when you take care of the small things the big things take care of themselves. It’s not always that simple. That is why at DuPont Detect + Protect solutions we help you take care of tiny microorganisms, bacteria, yeast or molds causing spoilage or food safety issues in your plant. We’re the people with the technology from culturable to metagenomic analyses using unique preparation methods and other specific microbial analyses.

Our team of food microbiology and food protection experts will make the invisible visible, interpret the results of the analyses conducted in your food or in your environment and help you improve the quality and safety of your food products—that is your bottom line. We offer complete solutions that keeps you ahead evolutionary changes in food microbiology and safety.

DuPont Detect + Protect Solutions make it possible for you to look closer and take control!

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Detect + Protect Benefits:

More revenue

Less cost
Reduce waste and recalls due to spoilage Eliminate product re-work
Maintain food freshness longer Adjust cleaning procedures
Expand to new regions and grow market share Optimize  production processes 
Add value and protection to your brand Adapt dosage of microbial  hurdles

“It gives you great peace of mind knowing you are doing everything possible for your customers to provide products with the highest quality and food safety possible. To have the ability to solve challenges to improve your products for your customers has a tremendous value for them and your company”                

Robin Beane, Director of Operations, Hans Kissle Company about DuPont Detect + Protect Solutions.

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