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Plastics from DuPont

DuPont offers the Plastics Industry a unique combination of material science, world class production, innovative design and hands-on industry support.

We drive market innovations through our strong heritage in polymer science, and are dedicated to solving real customer problems.

Today you need more from your suppliers than just materials. You need a resource that can carry a project from concept to commercialization. DuPont can be that partner. We offer you properties and benefits that are important to giving your products that extra competitive edge.


  • DuPont collaborates with customers around the world to solve global challenges.
  • Plastics, Polymers & Resins

    DuPont collaborates with customers around the world, providing a spectrum of polymer materials and expert application support to develop better products and processes.



  • Interplastica 2014

    The DuPont exhibit at Interplastica 2014 reflects the roles that Plastics play in our society and how we in DuPont are enhancing our capabilities to make a difference with our customers and partners in addressing some of the largest challenges the world is facing.

  • CO2 and fuel economy regulations

    Düsseldorf, Germany, October 17, 2013 — DuPont Performance Polymers has responded rapidly to calls from the automotive industry for hose and sealing elastomers that can withstand increasingly hot and chemically aggressive engine environments – the result of trends in engine downsizing and turbo charging to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption .

  • Crastin® PBT Family Achieves High CTI

    Düsseldorf, Germany, Oct. 16, 2013 – The newest addition to the hydrolysis resistant family of DuPont™ Crastin® PBT resins achieves a comparative tracking index (CTI) rating of 600V for improved component safety, and adds melt stability for better processing, which often leads to lower costs.

  • Zytel® Nylon Flame Retardant Resin

    DÜSSELDORF, Oct. 16, 2013 – ABB, a leader in power and automation technologies, selected DuPont™ Zytel® FR nylon for direct current (DC) switch disconnecter housings because the material can stand up to extremely high instantaneous temperatures should electrical arcing occur.