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DuPont Human Resources

DuPont Human Resources (HR) seeks professional candidates who can play a critical role in structuring and implementing a human capital strategy that is vital to the success of our business. Our HR professionals manage the talent side of our business strategy to ensure our shared success.

By implementing and overseeing the Human Capital Strategy of our organization, DuPont HR contributes to the strength of our company and ensures the success of our various strategic business units (SBUs). With a DuPont career opportunity in Human Resources, you can expect to be involved with:

  • People and organizational development consulting
  • Staffing and relocation services
  • Work environment (Diversity, Work-Life, Health and Personnel Relations)
  • Compensation and benefits consulting, as well as delivery

In addition, HR professionals within DuPont SBUs play a critical role in structuring a human resources agenda vital to the success of the business. Open communication within teams increases their ability to best understand their roles and develop their skills to the fullest. HR responsibilities include:

  • Aligning people policies and practices with Corporate policies, legal standards and applicable laws
  • Developing the Human Capital Strategy, which address productivity, labor relations and employee motivation
  • Communicating and executing Company, SBU and site HR strategies, programs and processes with metrics supporting business strategies
  • Supporting, leading and enabling change

Dupont Finance & Accounting

DuPont Finance and Accounting career opportunities allow you to become part of the engine that keeps inclusive innovation moving forward. Our teams are responsible for the financial planning and reporting for the entire company as we address the global market’s need for food, energy and protection. They possess an unsurpassed attention to detail that allows them to effectively strategize, implement and monitor our global business goals. We’re looking for more people, in more places, to work efficiently, collaboratively and with the highest integrity.

We offer career opportunities in Finance and Accounting to those with undergraduate degrees in Accounting and/or Finance (with nine credits or more in Accounting preferred). Finance also recruits MBAs (preferably with an undergraduate degree in Accounting or Finance, but other disciplines are considered). DuPont Finance provides challenging assignments and exposure to several facets of the Finance organization, including:

  • Accounting (Financial and Cost Accounting)
  • Auditing
  • Tax (Federal, International and State)
  • Business/Financial Analysis
  • Credit
  • Treasury
  • Planning and Advisory

Opportunities exist in all areas of Corporate Finance and within our business units. Finance responsibilities include:

  • Prepare and analyze corporate financial statements and government reports
  • Research accounting issues and policies and the application of those policies across DuPont
  • Perform cost/variance analysis
  • Prepare internal audit functions globally
  • Prepare tax reports and tax returns globally
  • Prepare monthly cost closings for all DuPont sites
  • Assist the businesses with merger and acquisition activity

Our Finance Field Program provides an early-career opportunity to experience the diversity of DuPont through a series of rotational developmental assignments.

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DuPont Legal

DuPont Legal seeks professionals to provide counsel to diversified business segments of DuPont on a worldwide basis. The DuPont Legal organization is comprised of a highly trained and well-respected staff of legal professionals, including attorneys, paralegals and administrative personnel. A DuPont Legal career opportunity allows select candidates to join DuPont Legal to work in partnership with the businesses to support innovative business practices, encourage and protect innovation, and mitigate risks and enhance the Company's relationships with its stakeholders, while exercising objective and independent legal judgment. The Legal Function has a leadership role in the Company's commitment to ethical behavior and must itself exemplify the highest standard of ethics.

Because of the size and complexity of DuPont operations, career opportunities in DuPont Legal encompass a broad, global spectrum of legal matters in such areas as:

  • Commercial Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Litigation
  • Specialty areas such as Labor, Employment and Benefits, Immigration, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate and Securities, Environment, Real Estate, International Trade, etc.

Diversity, a core company value, is visible in our Legal model. Early into DuPont Legal’s partnering program, it was clear to the legal team that the juries, judges and policymakers were of increasingly diverse backgrounds. This trend impacts a company’s ability to effectively connect with increasingly diverse segments of the legal and business world and to reach them on intellectual, emotional and personal levels. We see diversity as a critical component of the strategy for DuPont to compete globally in the 21st century.

DuPont Legal is proud to be a full business partner in meeting the legal needs of the company with efficiency and quality.

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DuPont Sourcing & Logistics

The DuPont Sourcing and Logistics (S&L) function serves our diversified businesses through common methodologies and tools, aggregated market intelligence and region-focused supplier management and logistics. Our mission is to obtain and deliver products and services that meet DuPont needs at the most effective cost. DuPont S&L career opportunities enable candidates to become part of the team that enables DuPont to win in a dynamic world.

  • S&L serves DuPont’s diversified businesses through common methodologies and tools, aggregated market intelligence and region-focused supplier management and logistics.
  • Global Logistics assists and provides DuPont businesses with the capability to safely deliver their products, knowledge and services anywhere in the world on time, and at a competitive advantage to all.

Global Sourcing utilizes effective purchasing strategies to ensure that DuPont purchases the highest-quality products or services at the lowest total cost. Through such strategies as eProcurement, reverse auctions, negotiations and efficient sole sourcing, we are able to offer the finest products at the best possible price.

Generally, employees in S&L hold degrees in Logistics Management, Supply Chain, and Information Systems. Given the need for expertise in various commodities and purchasing, employees also come from a variety of other disciplines, including business, marketing and engineering.

While S&L is comprised of many roles, our buyers comprise the core. Buyers are responsible for preparing, negotiating, managing and coordinating agreements and supporting the procurement of various materials or services. S&L positions include:

  • Logistics Specialists are responsible for many activities, including distribution safety and security, international trade operations and compliance, managing supplier performance, transport planning, managing equipment maintenance, distribution network optimization, market/competitive intelligence and advocacy to influence government regulations.
  • Improvement Leaders are responsible for improvement initiatives that focus on: supply strategies, optimization of DuPont's transportation and warehousing networks, and optimization of business processes.
  • The Sourcing Operations Team (SOT) serves as the sourcing contacts for our plant sites, responsible for efficiently running the sourcing process, from strategic implementation of agreements to transactional follow-up to ensure the sites receive their goods and services when needed.