DuPont Science and Technology

A DuPont career opportunity in science and technology allows you to apply our deep understanding of science to address the global market’s need for food, energy, and protection.

DuPont is a science company, and science plays a prominent role in the company's business growth. We have over 9,500 scientists and engineers working for DuPont. We have more than 150 research and development facilities across the world (over 75 in the US and more than 75 located in 34 other nations).

DuPont is the home of one of the world's first and largest industrial research and development facilities—the Experimental Station, which is located in Wilmington, Delaware.

DuPont Science and technology encompasses:

  • Discovery research aimed at creating new businesses and new products
  • Research and development aimed at improving our existing products and inventing new products
  • Applications development aimed at optimizing uses of existing and new materials
  • Manufacturing technology aimed at optimizing our plant processes and operations

Agricultural and industrial biotechnology, electronics, safety and security, as well as material science, are the company's future growth drivers.

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