DuPont Career Opportunities in Sourcing and Logistics

Our mission is to obtain and deliver products and services that meet DuPont needs at the most effective cost. DuPont Sourcing and Logistics (S&L) career opportunities enable candidates to become part of the team that enables DuPont to win in a dynamic world.

What We Do

The Sourcing and Logistics (S&L) function serves DuPont’s diversified businesses through common methodologies and tools, aggregated market intelligence and region-focused supplier management and logistics.  

Global Logistics assists and provides DuPont businesses with the capability to safely deliver their products, knowledge and services anywhere in the world on time, and at a competitive advantage to all.

Global Sourcing utilizes effective purchasing strategies to ensure that DuPont purchases the highest-quality products or services at the lowest total cost. Through such strategies as eProcurement, reverse auctions, negotiations, and efficient sole sourcing, we are able to offer the finest products at the best possible price.  

Our Personal Backgrounds

Generally, employees in S&L hold degrees in Logistics Management, Supply Chain, and Information Systems. Given the need for expertise in various commodities and purchasing, employees also come from a variety of other disciplines, including business, marketing and engineering.  

Types of Roles within S&L

While S&L is comprised of many roles, our buyers comprise the core. Buyers are responsible for preparing, negotiating, managing and coordinating agreements and supporting the procurement of various materials or services.

Other roles include:
Logistics Specialists are responsible for many activities, including distribution safety and security, International trade operations and compliance, managing supplier performance, transport planning, managing equipment maintenance, distribution network optimization, market/competitive intelligence and advocacy to influence government regulations.

Improvement Leaders are responsible for improvement initiatives that focus on:  supply strategies, optimization of DuPont's transportation and warehousing networks, and optimization of business processes  

The Sourcing Operations Team (SOT) serves as the sourcing contacts for our plant sites, responsible for efficiently running the sourcing process, from strategic implementation of agreements to transactional follow-up to ensure the sites receive their goods and services when needed.