DuPont Entry Level Engineering Field Program

Since 1903, the DuPont Engineering Field Program has brought newly graduated top-performing engineers into more than 70 different DuPont locations to gain valuable experience.

DuPont engineers are creative problem solvers who help shape the future by collaborating with others. This program gives recent engineering graduates an opportunity to gain a broad perspective and valuable experience at different sites throughout DuPont to see how they, too, can help shape the world. It offers assignments two to three years in length, allowing engineers to train, develop, and grow professionally. Through the program, engineers build a solid record of accomplishments and gain a broad-based perspective of the company. Finally, working at several DuPont sites helps engineers determine where their talents best suit our business needs.

Our early-career engineers shared this insight on working for DuPont:

Respect for people, high ethics and high value for safety are not values held by all companies. I like working for a company that lives by these values."

“I love the diversity of the work. DuPont makes so many different products that every project I work on involves learning something new.”

I had opportunity and accountability starting from the first day on the job.”

“Great place to start your career because there are a wide variety of resources that help a young engineer, including technical standards and senior engineers.”

“The hands on application at the plant sites, working with a multifunctional team to make a product safely, and mentoring is very valuable.”

Careers in North America
Recruiting for North America takes place September through November for positions starting June of the following year. Apply Online (keyword search » Rotational Program).

Careers in Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)
Recruiting for EMEA is now open for 2016. » Apply Online
Learn more about the Operations Field Program in EMEA.
Contact Thais Anido Garcia, Program Specialist, for more information on the Operations Field Program
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