MLDP Frequently Asked Questions


What is the MLDP?

The DuPont Management Leadership Development Program is a rotational program that offers you an accelerated, tailored, career path and prepares you to assume a leadership role. The marketing and strategy skills you bring to your roles will contribute to high-impact assignments oriented to your individual career goals and development ambitions. You will benefit from the structured mentorship of corporate leaders, a network of global community peers, and exposure to the diverse businesses within DuPont.

The program is designed to accelerate leadership development and prepare you to become a general manager. MLDP participants will complete 2-3 high-impact assignments, each lasting approximately 18 months.  Assignments are based on real business need and provide opportunities to drive visible business results, experience multi-functional environments, and learn about DuPont markets, products, and strategies.

MLDP members are highly visible to senior managers in DuPont who serve as executive mentors within the program. You’ll enjoy the advantages of global exposure, an open environment, and both formal and on-the-job training. You will also learn and understand how DuPont’s core values of ethical behavior, safety, respect for people, and environmental stewardship differentiate our Company and our employees.

Does the MLDP offer internship opportunities?

Yes, the Summer Internship occurs from June to early August.  The MLDP values internships as the key feeder into full-service opportunities with the program.  With this in mind, you will have an opportunity to make an impact on a business issue at DuPont, to learn about the products and businesses of DuPont, and to interact with various business leaders throughout the summer.

What are examples of typical MLDP internship assignments?


  • Develop a business case for a first-of-a-kind services opportunity with downstream players in the agribusiness value chain.
  •  Redefining the Sustainable Solutions Consulting Services positioning strategy to grow revenue and achieve market advancement.
  • Develop a model for the global Cellulosic Ethanol Licensing Team both from a DuPont perspective and  licensee economics
  • Evaluation of New Venture Concepts including mergers and Acquisitions for Advance Materials Pillar
  • Market assessment of Bioactives in Personal Care
  • Exploring potential new markets for Tedlar®

What skills and experience do I need to join the MLDP?

Candidates must possess or be pursuing an MBA with a concentration in marketing, corporate strategy, or general management, and have three to five years of market-focused work experience (i.e. strategy, marketing, consulting, product management). DuPont seeks growth minded strategic thinkers with demonstrated leadership qualities and outstanding problem solving, analytical and interpersonal skills. All participants must meet the criteria for high potential, future leaders.

How does DuPont recruit participants?

We primarily recruit at selected Business Schools.

How can I apply?

You may apply through our job posting at your school, at the various job fairs the MLDP attends or online.

Where can I get more information about the MLDP?

Our website is designed to give you detailed information about the program. If your query is still unanswered, contact us.

What opportunities does the MLDP offer?  Are functional roles part of the program?

Yes, roles often reside within marketing, sales, business development, product management, and strategy functions.  Specifically, your roles may include: Strategic Marketing and Execution, Business Strategy and Planning, Product Innovation, Commercialization and Management, Sales Effectiveness and Management, and Business Development.    

Are there roles within plant facilities? 

MLDPS do not typically take on operations roles.  Some commercial roles are located at plant facilities.

Are there roles at JVs? 

Yes, there are sometimes roles in our JVs if the business need and interests match

Will I have to move every year when my rotation assignments change?

No, most business opportunities do not require relocation. 

Do I have an input in selecting businesses and roles as I rotate?

Yes, your input is used to help business leadership and program management understand your interests and strengths.  More importantly, all opportunities are based on business need and all MLDPs create a career development plan to share leadership progress, core competency proficient, key strengths, future development needs, and alternative career path preferences to business leadership.  Once created, your career development plan becomes a living document that enables your accelerated leadership development and career progress.

Where are DuPont and program participants located?

Assignments are located in Wilmington, Delaware, DuPont Company Headquarters, Des Moines, IA (Pioneer Business), New Century, KS (Nutrition & Health Business), St. Louis, MO (Nutrition & Health Business), Raleigh, NC (Electronics & Communications Business), and Richmond, VA (Protection Technologies Business).  You may also be based elsewhere in the U.S. or internationally, depending on business needs, personal interests, and demonstrated skills.

Will I have the opportunity for an international assignment during the course of the program?

Yes, in very select situations, participants will have the opportunity for an international assignment depending on previous work experience, demonstrated strengths, development needs, and business opportunity.  

International assignments are not a core component of the program.  In addition, there are many opportunities to grow business globally including positions that require significant domestic and international travel.

Is marketing considered an important activity for the company?

Marketing is a core commercial function within the company, often blending product management, strategy, sales, channel management, and pure marketing responsibilities depending on the product line, business model, and industry setting.  Marketing is a key driver of sustainable growth at DuPont and will help us realize our growth goals.  MLDPs are expected to have general management aspirations with a strong marketing competency.

How can I obtain additional information about other employment opportunities at DuPont?

Explore to obtain additional information about other employment opportunities.

Will I have a mentor while I am in the MLDP?

Most successful professionals have mentors that have helped them succeed.  The MLDP provides program participnats with a head start at the highest levels in the corporation.  During your first months in the program, you will be connected to a business mentor.  These mentors are accomplished and successful individuals in DuPont who are interested in seeing both the program and you succeed.

What kind of roles do current MLDP participants work on?

MLDPs grow DuPont’s businesses, and projects are incredibly diverse depending on the business role.  Interested candidates are encouraged to ask MLDP participants about current projects to gain an understanding of the diversity of projects and roles within MLDP.

Work-Life Balance and Diversity FAQs

What hours will I work?

Work hours vary among assignments and business units, but MLDPs are expected to drive business growth while maintaining a healthy personal or family life – a principle at the heart of our Respect for People core value.  Diversity is highly valued at the company and something we live every day as one of the world’s most innovative global corporations.

Does the MLDP hire foreign nationals (international students)?

Candidates must have work authorization within their region of interest.  For example, candidates interested in opportunities within the United States or China must have US or China work authorization respectively. 

How do I contact the MLDP if I have further questions or comments?

In order to contact the MLDP for further clarifications or for comments, please click on the CONTACT US link located on the right navigation bar on any of the MLDP website pages.