Intern Recruiting Process


1. Submit your resume on-line and through the designated on-campus recruiting process. If we don’t recruit at your school, you can submit on-line. Candidates are explored carefully.

2. Receive interview invitation: High potential candidates are invited to interview. At some schools, some slots remain open for bidding. Please consult your recruiting office for more details.

3.Interview:  You will have a two-on-one interview with experienced MLDP participants or business partners.  The interview lasts for 45 minutes and enables the interviewers to understand your interest in the program, your skills, your conceptual strengths, and then assess your fit within the current needs of the program.  Interviews are normally conducted on business school campuses but may be over the telephone.  You will be informed soon after this interview if you will be offered an opportunity or invited to participate in a second interview.

4.Interview (possible second round):  You may be invited for a second interview that would be more business focused.  If so, this interview may take place at the worksite or over the telephone.

5. Receive a decision: Offers are made to high potential candidates within one to two weeks of the interviews. Post acceptance, detailed assignment responsibilities are shared.