From the Chairman of the Board and CEO's Desk

Ellen Kullman

We have high value for the Market-Driven Leadership Development Program (MLDP) at DuPont. Even during these challenging economic times, we continue to support the program because we know how valuable strong business and marketing leaders are to the future of our company. The program provides an opportunity to work in leadership positions with significant responsibilities and exposure to different businesses within DuPont.

Now in its seventh year, the MLDP has continuously evolved to become a foremost leadership program in DuPont. The MLDP participants are challenged with opportunities to solve increasingly complex business problems. Our MLDP graduates are now in key roles within various DuPont businesses and can attest to their experiences in the program and how it helped them become well-rounded global business leaders.

The turbulent economy is top of mind right now.  DuPont has plans in place to help the company emerge stronger as the economy recovers. We are focused on core values, markets and customers, and a clear understanding of short- and long-term trends.

The MLDP provides many opportunities for you to consider. I am confident they will help you reach your long-term career aspirations.

Ellen Kullman,
Chairman of the Board & CEO