Your career will be shaped by the results that you deliver

Impact on your career

Impact of the Opportunity

The structured and diverse world-class program gives you experiences and skills that can prepare you for major leadership positions in global marketing and business. The MLDP helps you develop into a well-rounded business leader through fast-paced global assignments, objective performance management, mentoring and networking opportunities, tailored development, intensive communication resources and the opportunity to make an immediate visible impact.

Opportunities to network are abundant, they make an impact and propel your career. You are given the freedom to choose and develop your own career path. The program provides you with high visibility and top management support. Often, you work closely with senior leaders of the businesses, who in turn will guide and mentor you.

Impact of the Roles

The performance expectations are nothing short of impressive results within the first few months of work. You are expected to understand the market, technology and business quickly; draw on resources and skills from your business education, the company and beyond; and deliver measurable and visible results to the business in the duration of your assignment. The tailored development allows you to take on increasingly challenging roles customized to your interests, strengths and needs.

Impact of the Company

This is the perfect time to join the MLDP, as DuPont reinvigorates its Marketing function to address large, attractive market spaces. The MLDP is playing a vital role in the success of DuPont because it helps the company leverage science and technology, products and brands, market access and global reach to bring innovative solutions to help meet the ambitious goals of the company.

At DuPont, you have the opportunity and ability to make a difference to people's lives, access to global leadership, a team- and family-oriented environment, a healthy work-life balance and resources to help you achieve your personal goals. You will do this in a company with a long and successful history, strong reputation for innovation and ethics, leading business-to-business and significant business-to-consumer presence, serving many markets with over 2,400 products, services and strongly recognized brands like Teflon®, Corian®, Tyvek® and Kevlar®.