The MLDP offers a Development and Training program for all participants

MLDP, Development And Training

MLDP development is tailored to the individual participant’s needs and career goals. Key components of the MLDP development process include creating a Career Development Plan, Multi-functional Training, and Corporate-level Projects

Career Development Plan

Creating a Career Development Plan is a "best practice" process at DuPont in which employees strive to continuously improve their capacity to add value to the Company and increase personal job satisfaction.  Program participants are required to develop an Individual Performance Plan (IPP) based on their strengths, needs, long-term career objectives and personal considerations.  IPPs are intended to support MLDPs' success in their current positions while developing the skills needed to meet future personal and professional goals.

Multi-Functional Training

Program participants are exposed to training through:
Corporate level training programs such as L.E.A.D.
Regional MLDP Annual Meetings with a development and senior leader networking focus
Quarterly webinars engaging senior business leaders on current topics

Special Projects

The MLDP management receives requests from various businesses and corporate for MLDP participants to lead special high-profile projects.  These opportunities can provide corporate exposure, networking and leadership opportunities.

In addition, participants are given ample opportunity to shape the evolution of the MLDP itself by their involvement in recruiting, management of summer interns, and as future business leaders of new MLDPs entering the program.