DuPont Ranked #9 in FORTUNE “Companies that Changed the World” List 

Fortune magazine issued a new list of the 27 companies that have done the most to alter the way we live, and DuPont made it to the top 10.



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“Rayon. Nylon. Cellophane. Orlon. Dacron. Lucite. Neoprene. Mylar. Freon. Lycra. Teflon. Kevlar. Corian. Tyvek. You could tell the story of the developed world through the materials that DuPont invented or commercialized.” This is how Fortune describes DuPont and its importance to mankind over the course of its 212 years. 


The “Companies that Changed the World” list was created based on a survey conducted with a focus group referred to as the Fortune “brain trust.”  The Top 10 companies are: 1. Standard Oil; 2. AT&T; 3. McCormick Harvesting Machine Co.; 4. G.D. Searle; 5. Ford; 6. British East India Company; 7. Svenska Tandsticks AB; 8. GE; 9. DuPont; 10. Google. 

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