DuPont and OCP Announce a Joint Venture on Safety and Sustainability

Jim Weigand (7th from left), president of DuPont Sustainable Solutions & Amar Drissi (8th from left), OCP’s executive vice president Operations at the joint venture signing ceremony.


DuPont and OCP announced the creation of a joint venture to provide consulting and training services to improve the safety, operational and environmental performance of companies in Morocco and other African countries. The joint venture will be named DuPont OCP Operations Consulting, and DuPont and OCP will each hold 50% of its share capital.

This joint venture will combine the internationally renowned expertise of DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) and OCP’s world-class industrial experience and local market knowledge to provide consulting and training services in the areas of employee and contractor safety and training, process safety management, asset productivity, energy efficiency, integrated operations, sustainability strategy and environmental management. DuPont OCP Operations Consulting will help OCP and industrial companies in Morocco and the region achieve world-class safety and sustainability performance.

“This new partnership underscores the importance of collaboration,” said Jim Weigand, president of DuPont Sustainable Solutions. “In line with our market-driven science strategy, this knowledge transfer will allow us to combine the strengths of two leading companies to expand the range of innovative safety, productivity and sustainability solutions available to the market. It will enable DSS to better meet local needs by providing world-class consulting and training services to industries in Morocco and key developing regional markets. OCP’s strong regional presence and long-term growth strategy makes them an ideal partner for us to achieve world-class safety performance and add value to the DuPont OCP Operations Consulting offerings.”

Amar Drissi, OCP’s executive vice president Operations said, “This joint venture will allow OCP to significantly enhance its safety and sustainability performance. Moreover, OCP’s ambition encompasses a broader aim to advance local industries and develop a more skilled workforce in Morocco. OCP has a strategic interest in ensuring that its industrial ecosystem in Morocco becomes safer, more environmentally sustainable and more productive which will improve the competitiveness of the country as a whole, allowing for more foreign investment and overall improve economic growth.  OCP is committed to elevating safety standards in the region to world-class requirements.  Our collaboration with DuPont is a great way to further support this strategic commitment and dramatically improve the performance of our operations and supply chain.”