The Wireless Way to Power Up

The Wireless Way to Power Up | DuPontTM Corian®
No outlet, no problem. A cordless future is on the brink of changing our lives.

We’ve all been there…delayed at the airport with a dwindling phone battery and no available outlet in sight, or out and about without a charger, willing our smartphones to keep up with our busy day. At home, our kitchen countertops are often cluttered with tangled chargers.

Wouldn’t it be great not to rely on a cord to keep us connected?

From healthcare to hospitality, wireless charging technology has the power (literally) to transform entire industries and the way we live. While electromagnetic induction has been used for years to transfer energy between a transmitter and receiver (think electric toothbrushes).

The wireless charging industry is taking a big step forward to ensure people can conveniently power their smart devices without wires, anywhere. According to a 2014 report by market research firm IHS, the rising availability of products with integrated wireless power functionality coupled with progress in resolving standards conflicts means that the global market for mobile wireless charging hardware will rise almost fortyfold by 2018.

DuPont Corian® has been a key player in the movement for years, bringing wireless charging to the surface in partnership with Power Matters Alliance (PMA). Corian® Charging Surface’sintegrated technology is both PMA and Qi compatible (dual mode). That means nearly all smart devices can be charged with a Powermat ring or case, although many newer devices are enabled to power up on their own. A device is placed on the charging spot and recharges until maximum battery capacity is reached.

Advances in inductive charging, like this innovation from Corian®, are making it possible to create smart, modern homes and more functional public and corporate spaces. And many organizations are joining forces to standardize the technology so people can soon charge all of their devices, wherever they are–in cars, restaurants, airports, hotels, hospitals, conference rooms, and more. Not only will it make our lives more convenient, it’s also a game changer for businesses. Consumers will soon start choosing to get their caffeine fix at the coffee shop where their phone can get a jolt, too.

The future of wireless is here…and cords may soon just be a thing of the past.