Protect Your On-Line Purchases with Izon®

Protecting You from Counterfeit Goods Online

Shopping online is so convenient, isn’t it? Unfortunately, counterfeiters think so, too. The sharp rise in consumer and business-to-business e-commerce in recent years has expanded the marketplace for counterfeit goods online and defrauded consumers and companies in the process.

Counterfeit products are becoming more common

The numbers are startling: counterfeit motor oil costs manufacturers $5 billion a year. Faux ink cartridges for printers? That’s $3 billion lost. And almost a third of all liquor sold worldwide is not authentic.

Counterfeiters are becoming ever more sophisticated: it’s increasingly difficult to differentiate between their copycat products and the brands they emulate. And they’ve become smarter with their pricing. They tend to discount their offerings modestly — at about 15–20% — a rate low enough to draw in customers, without inviting suspicion.

New anti-counterfeiting technology is available

There is a solution at hand. Thanks to the secure 3D technology in DuPont™ Izon® anti-counterfeiting film, buyers can now see at a glance that the product they’re considering is authentic. Izon® film has a sophisticated holographic image that is visible from four perspectives. This and other features along with a secure, tightly controlled supply chain, make unauthorized reproduction nearly impossible.

Counterfeiting can carry real risk when it comes to nutritional supplements. How is a consumer to know that the over-the-counter, or over-the-net, products she is buying are helpful originals and not dangerous fakes? The answer is on the cap for customers of the Nutritional Brands line of products.

Izon® film integrated with the shrink sleeve that is applied to Nutritional Brands’ product provide unique features that can be easily recognized by consumers before opening the bottle. This provides the consumer with the confidence that the product they are consuming is authentic. 

“This ability to integrate Izon® film in a continuous fashion on shrink sleeve material is a new advancement,” Peter Waker, Global Marketing and Business Development Leader, DuPont Anti-Counterfeit Solutions explains. “Integrated with shrink sleeves or other packaging components, it becomes part of a client’s customized packaging.”

Brands are adopting secure technology to protect consumers

Other companies turning to these products include Brother, which protects its line of inkjet and laser cartridges by using Izon® 3D security labels. When a customer buys a Brother ink or laser cartridge, that buyer expects Brother performance. With Izon® advanced security features, authenticity is assured at a glance—and in a way far more secure than traditional holograms of embossed foil. Izon® labels tell buyers that the cartridges are authentic, and have therefore met Brother’s strict safety and quality standards

DuPont™ Izon® anti-counterfeiting products can be applied to all manner of consumer goods, from cosmetics to electronics, pharmaceuticals to wine. And they can solve more than just a shrinking bottom line. One of the more vexing consequences of counterfeiting is the damage it causes to established brands. “When a customer is deceived about a product, it hurts brand equity,” Waker points out. Luckily, with the simple addition of a complicated 3D security label, consumer confidence can be restored.