Collaborative Solutions in China

Building Renewable Energy, Food Security and Safer Cities

We help China provide better, safer and healthier lives for more than 1.7 billion citizens.

China has the world's largest population and second largest economy. As more people move to cities, purchase cars and homes and seek better lives, DuPont helps China meet rapid change with scalable solutions.

We supply innovation to power increased solar power generation. Technology that brings better nutrition to a growing population. Advanced materials that make cities safer for citizens.

DuPont collaborates by bringing both global thinking and local knowledge to the table.  At our China Research & Development Center in Shanghai, we apply science to create materials and technologies primed to move quickly from lab to market.

So whether the challenge is more plentiful food; ample energy; durable infrastructure; better transportation; or more innovative products -- we're there.

 “China is making enormous progress through innovative science and collaborative problem-solving," said Tony Su, President of DuPont, Greater China. "That includes government, global businesses, universities and local communities. DuPont is delighted to play a role in China’s path to success."