Collaborative Solutions in China

Fortune Global Forum 2013: Collaborative, Science-Based Solutions

Only through inclusive innovation can global challenges around food, energy and protection be solved in a sustainable way. And that’s exactly what’s happening in China.

Fortune Global Forum 2013 spotlights China, the country with the world’s largest population and second-largest economy. China is grappling with daunting challenges that affect the global community: providing people with healthy food, clean energy and a safe environment in a sustainable way.

According to President – DuPont Greater China Tony Su, “China is making enormous strides addressing these challenges through innovative science and collaborative problem-solving that includes government, global businesses, universities and local communities. DuPont is delighted to play a role in China’s path to success.”

In the months leading up to the Fortune Global Forum 2013 in June, we showcased China’s progress in sustainable development. Watch short documentary films and read white papers that examine how China is charting its course into the future.

DuPont was a proud sponsor of the Fortune Global Forum 2013, which took place June 6–8 in Chengdu, China. Attendees included CEOs of the Fortune Global 500 companies, along with leaders from China and other nations.

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