The Science Behind Energy

To address the world's energy challenges. DuPont believes that science will play a pivotal role in the development of both sustainable and scalable innovations to ensure a sufficient, reliable and affordable supply of energy. Learn how DuPont solutions are paving the way for energy efficiency and sustainability.

  • Expanding the Global Energy Mix

    Sustainable energy options must be economically viable and environmentally sound. DuPont is creating innovative products and technologies for traditional and renewable energy sectors to help drive the next phase of growth in solar, and enable wind, thermal and other renewable energies.

  • Collaborating for Clean Energy

    It is essential to bring together individuals and organizations that have the expertise, resources and passion to address our
    global energy needs. The private sector must work closely with governments
    and the academic
    community to promote innovation and the development of viable
    energy solutions. These collaborations will transform scientific innovations into
    new energy resources.

  • Efficiency Through Innovation

    Efficient products and practices are vital to conserving valuable resources and protecting the planet. Consuming energy, both fossil fuels and renewables, with greater efficiency not only conserves critical supplies, but also reduces cost. Science-based innovations will allow communities to use less energy to power the world today.

  • Science for Local Sustainability

    The growing global energy demand must be met with solutions tailored to local conditions of each region. Leveraging science to develop energy solutions based on environmental factors will generate a more reliable, increasingly clean energy supply that meets the unique needs of societies around the world.