The Science Behind Seed School

Indian Rice Farmers

India is home to the most farmers in the world, with nearly half of its 1.2 billion population employed in agriculture. Yet, farming accounts for only 17 percent of India’s total economy. Turning science into solutions, DuPont Pioneer India collaborated with the Ministry of Agriculture for the State of Uttar Pradesh to develop a program that would provide farmers with scientific and practical expertise to help increase yields, productivity and profitability. The result of that collaborative effort is the basis of the two-minute documentary, “Seed School.”

Although science provides universal answers, solutions must be local, due to wide variations in a number of environmental factors, including climate, soils and pests, as well as cultural traditions and issues surrounding transportation/distribution infrastructures. To that end, DuPont collaborates with farmers, communities, local businesses, governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who know the “facts on the ground,” and with global corporations with specialized expertise to help solve specific problems. This global-local collaboration helped ensure that the farmers of Uttar Pradesh will be able to yield more crops, providing food security for their families, the region, and, ultimately, India as a whole.

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