The Science Behind Global Food Production

Craig Binetti, President-DuPont Nutrition and Health, Discusses Role of Science in Food Production

Multiple Challenges Facing Global Food Supply

The challenges facing global food production are numerous. One in seven people around the globe go hungry and yet 17% of the global population is obese. Add to that the fact that 30% of the population has experienced a food-borne illness.

Craig Binetti, President of DuPont Nutrition & Health discusses the role science can play in improving the quality and quantity of food production. DuPont is collaborating with farmers and communities to solve these difficult food supply issues by helping to increase food production, increase the health profile of food and increase food safety.

One example of this collaboration is our work with Kenyan dairy farmers. We provide farmers with a natural ingredient that allows their milk to stay fresh for a longer period of time. By delaying milk delivery to the end of the day, the farmers are able to increase their overall production each day.

From farm to fork, DuPont is collaborating with local farmers and producers to provide a host of global food production solutions, including those that improve the health profile of food, increase food safety and increase the food supply within local farms and communities.

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