Announcing the 2014 Global Food Security Index Launch

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As a part of our commitment to food and nutrition security, DuPont commissioned the development of a comprehensive measurement tool that addressed the need for specific metrics to illustrate what food security looks like at the local level – country by country and globally. We are pleased to announce the just-released 2014 Global Food Security Index developed by The Economist Intelligence Unit. With this second annual refresh of the Index, it now measures 109 countries against 28 food security indicators that monitor the ongoing impact of agriculture investments, collaborations and policies around the world. The Index also examines how two new factors, obesity and food loss, affect access to safe, nutritious and affordable food.

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Global Food Security Index
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Our hope is that the comprehensive and unique information available in this tool will help inform decision making and catalyze action toward sustainable solutions for food security. Food security affects us all and is a goal that will only be accomplished through applying our individual strengths to this collective cause.

We encourage everyone to explore the interactive Global Food Security Index online at to explore the drivers of food security in 109 countries. Features include:

  • Analysis of key findings in the 2014 Index refresh
  • Definition of 28 global indicators that measure specific aspects of food security
  • An interactive heat map of overall scores and detail of category results
  • Adjustable weightings to allow for scenario planning
  • The ability to compare multiple countries simultaneously and explore rankings by indicators
  • A country details page that allows a food-security drill down into individual economies with key economic, risk and demographic data