The Science Behind Healthy High-Yield Crops


Small-hectares farming requires a high crop yield. When the crops of the small-hold farmers in India are damaged by pests, it threatens their family’s security and future. If the yield is small, the sugar mill where the sugar cane is processed suffers in turn. To produce high-grade sugar, the mill needs good quality sugar cane from healthy, high-yield harvests.

India’s $27 billion annual sugar cane industry is second only to Brazil’s, and India leads the world in sugar consumption. With over 45 million Indian farmers, their families and agricultural laborers reliant on sugar cane production, protection of the raw material from dangerous disease and pests, such as the borer, is paramount. When pests blighted India’s sugar cane crops in the province of Uttar Pradesh, as seen in the mini-documentary, “Sweetness of Victory,” many farmers stopped growing the vital commodity, thereby destroying their very livelihoods as well as threatening the nation’s food security and economy.

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