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Partnering with AngloAmerican, DuPont helped improve workplace safety at their new Nickel mine in Barro Alto, Brazil.  During the construction of the mine, AngloAmercian brought together workers from all across the region – thousands of workers with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and safety expertise.  This unique situation presented a challenge for AngloAmerican, and they turned to DuPont for help in establishing a sustainable safety culture.



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The Science Behind Workplace Safety

Denise Grun from DuPont Safety Solutions emphasizes some of the key components to establishing a sustainable safety culture – a commitment to safety, the use of Visible Felt Leadership (VFL) and on-the-ground training to help establish a closer relationship between the site’s leaders and their workforce.



  • CHALLENGE: Protection
  • INDUSTRY: Workplace/Worker Safety
  • LOCATION: Barro Alto, Brazil

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