The Science Behind Building a Culture of Safety


Creating a safety culture is about more than wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), removing hazards and institutionalizing safety procedures. It’s about people – their attitudes, behaviors and mindsets – and the changing dynamics of today’s world. As shown in the mini-documentary, “Safety on the Subcontinent,” DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) and Tata Steel in India addressed a cultural issue, traditional women’s dress, in order to improve worker safety.

DSS and Tata Steel were able to establish a customized safety management system to encompass leadership, organization and process components, which ultimately resulted in Tata Steel recording 35 million injury-free hours. According to the World Steel Association, the most important factor in reducing accidents and injuries in their industry has been through collaboration with other organizations to share their best practices and safety data. As a result of this information sharing, some of their member organizations have been able to reduce fatalities to near-zero and injury rates, reducing lost time to less than one incident per one million man hours.

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