The Science Behind Arc Flash Protection


Andrey Valentinovich Krasnov, the Russian electrical worker featured in the mini-documentary, “Arc Flash Protection,” survived one of the most potentially deadly hazards in the work world: an arc flash. An arc flash is the consequence of an electric arc, which can occur where there is sufficient voltage in an electrical system and a path to ground or lower voltage. The arc blast presents a very serious and potentially fatal hazard because of the risk of severe burn injuries caused by intensive heat that can rise up to 20,000°C.

Thankfully, Andrey was wearing protective garments made with DuPont™ Nomex® materials designed specifically for this type of incident. DuPont™ Nomex® is inherently flame-resistant, will not melt or drip, and does not support combustion in the air, thus providing excellent arc flash protection.

As part of their ongoing commitment to innovation and collaboration, DuPont scientists work with their customers to develop, test and improve the arc flash protective properties of Nomex® fabrics. In Switzerland, DuPont operates the European Technical Centre, home of the leading-edge DuPont™ Arc-Man® test, to simulate electric arc incidents in a controlled environment.

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