The Science Behind Ballistic Protection


DuPont scientists work tirelessly to develop new and refine existing products and technologies while collaborating with local partners to ensure that cost-effective safety solutions reach the most dangerous regions of the world. It was just such a collaboration that saved the life of Officer Da Silva in Sao Paulo, as recounted in “Bullet-Resistant Brazil.” Together, Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos and DuPont worked on the manufacture, testing and marketing of locally made ballistic products utilizing DuPont’s sophisticated technologies, producing a vest made with Kevlar® that was affordable for Sao Paulo’s police force.

Facing riots, civil unrest and IEDs, today’s infantry is subject to an ever-increasing range of threats demanding multi-threat protection. To stay ahead of the fast-changing world of combat, DuPont works closely with governments, companies, academics and fellow scientists to develop cutting-edge technologies and materials that provide the utmost safety for the military. Equally important to protection is ensuring that the technologies and products developed do not impede the ability to protect and serve. For example, while the ballistic military helmets made with Kevlar® provide high-performance protection, the lightweight properties of the material also helps to improve mobility and reduce fatigue in combat. The scientists at DuPont are committed to staying on the forefront of protection innovations to ensure the safety of those who protect our world.

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