The Power of Shunya™ – Season 2

Zero is different from all other numbers.

1400 years ago, Indian mathematician Aryabhata made history when he introduced the world to Shunya—or “zero.” Like most controversial ideas, it was initially met with skepticism. But Shunya went on to change our world, revolutionizing everything from the basic math of a balance sheet to the accomplishments of high science.

Fast forward to today, as India stands at a critical crossroad—as the country looks to a population that will be 1.6 billion by 2050, the pressure is rising to nearly double investment in new infrastructure in the next several years.

Last year, season one of DuPont’s broadcast program The Power of Shunya brought in over 21M viewers across India. Now, for a second season, DuPont continues its partnership with Times Television Network to address the challenges India faces and to breath new relevance into the ancient concept of Shunya. The Power of Shunya Season two will continue to explore how science can achieve maximum progress with zero negative impact: how can we provide electricity to millions with zero impact to our environment? What must we do to feed a growing population, and in essence, guarantee zero hungry mouths? How will we build a new infrastructure with zero workplace hazards?

Challenge for Zero, Shunya’s broadcast competition series that evaluates inventions from India’s most visionary young professionals, airs for the next 8 weeks on ET Now. After narrowing hundreds of entries down to just 16 finalists, the series showcases India’s brightest minds as they battle it out to prove that their idea achieves the aspirational goal of Shunya the best. Watch the show on Saturdays at 4:30 PM IST and Sundays at 11:30 AM and 6 PM IST on ET Now.

Quest for Zero, the second half of The Power of Shunya program, will debut on August 23rd on Times Now, so stay tuned for more information!

In case Times Television does not broadcast to your region, you can still watch The Power of Shunya by visiting And be sure to join the conversation at is different from all other numbers.