Brabrand, Denmark – DuPont Global Food Research Center

Welcome to the DuPont Global Food Research Center in Brabrand, Denmark

Innovative Science and Technology is the Engine for DuPont Growth

The Brabrand DuPont Global Food Research Center is the hub of global food research activities for DuPont.

Located in the greater Aarhus area, Denmark’s second largest city, the Brabrand facility is built on a 35+ acre (145,000m2) plot of former farm land and hosts two DuPont businesses, DuPont Nutrition & Health and DuPont Industrial Biosciences.

Modern ingredient research and application development is conducted at these facilities including fundamental ingredient product and process research covering all areas across the product portfolio: emulsifiers, hydrocolloids, enzymes, anti-microbials, anti-oxidants and proteins.

State-of-the art application laboratories are equipped with the latest analytical and pilot plant equipment that are customized for developing innovative solutions for bakery, dairy and ice-cream, beverages, meat, and many other industry areas.

Highly skilled researchers are dedicated to developing new products, solutions, applications, and technologies for DuPont Nutrition & Health and DuPont Industrial Biosciences. Starting at the molecular level, our scientists are constantly examining how ingredients act and interact in food systems.

Key focus areas include:

• Taste & texture
• Stability and shelf life
• Processing efficiency
• Sensory analysis and documentation
• Modeling systems for developing food, animal feed, and cleaning products 

The Brabrand Global Food Research Center has strong cooperative ties with the other food innovation and research centers across the globe and we work closely with customers, universities, and research institutes to develop new solutions to support a safer, more nutritious, and more sustainable global food supply.

DuPont Nutrition Biosciences ApS
Edwin Rahrs Vej 38
DK-8220 Brabrand
Tel. +45 8943 5000

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