DuPont Brazil Innovation Center

Welcome to the DuPont Brazil Innovation Center

New ideas become a reality.

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The DuPont Brazil Innovation Center is located within the DuPont R&D Center in Paulínia, Brazil. It is an ideal place for collaboration with scientists, experts, engineers and, sales and marketing professionals.  Our teams have knowledge and proven expertise of ideation processes, methodologies and best practices that can quickly attain tangible results.

Our network of Innovation Centers is designed for customers and strategic partners to collaborate with us to generate solutions to challenging problems.  Through our Innovation Centers, visitors can connect with a network of around 9,000 DuPont scientists and engineers across the world. 

Visit our DuPont Brazil Innovation Center to work together to solve local problems and industry needs through development and open innovation.

DuPont Brazil Innovation Center
Rua Bortolo Ferro, 500A
CEP:13148-903 Bairro Boa Esperança
Paulínia, Brazil


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