DuPont Silicon Valley Innovation Center

Welcome to the DuPont Silicon Valley Innovation Center (Opening Sept, 2018)

New ideas become a reality.

Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, the DuPont Silicon Valley Innovation Center will be the newest home for innovation in DuPont’s global network when it opens in September 2018. The DuPont Silicon Valley Innovation Center is co-located within the DuPont Silicon Valley Technology Center (SVTC) in Sunnyvale, California. The SVTC is also home to an Application Center as well as office and meeting space.

The SVTC explores cutting-edge technical applications in areas such as consumer electronics, EV/HEV/autonomous vehicles, 5G technologies, wearables, and smart materials/smart cities.

In our Innovation Center, customers, colleagues, and partners can examine new prototypes, and meet with our experts to explore the art of the possible. Through our Innovation Center, you can connect with a network of approximately 9,000 scientists and engineers to stimulate creativity, guide discussions, and ignite collaboration.

In our Application Center, we work closely with our customers to solve a variety of challenges, using start-of-the-art tools and equipment for rapid prototyping.

We invite you to visit our DuPont Silicon Valley Innovation Center today to explore solutions through open innovation. Email us to set up your visit.


DuPont Silicon Valley Innovation Center
965 West Maude Ave
Sunnyvale, CA, 94085


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