Science and Technology at DuPont

DuPont Science Enables Growth

DuPont research and development is aimed at substantial global needs, including more and better food, alternative energy and light-weighting, protective apparel and electronics. Efforts encompass scientific discovery, research, product development and process improvements.

DuPont Science Drives Unique Solutions

DuPont’s vision has always been to apply world-class science to enable a better, safer, and healthier life for people everywhere. Today, we are helping our customers find solutions to some of the world’s most pressing needs, by enabling safer, more nutritious food; creating high-performance, cost effective and energy efficient materials; and increasingly delivering renewably sourced bio-based materials and fuels. All of our business call upon our world-class science and technology, a deep understanding of commercial value chains and market knowledge to deliver value-added solutions. This total system of innovation continually renews our portfolio, creates new product lines, and transforms markets to deliver results for our customers, employees and shareholders. 

Our world class science draws on a rich mix of deep scientific disciplines to address significant market opportunities both within and across our businesses.  Broadly speaking, these disciplines fall under chemistry, materials science, biology, and engineering. DuPont science includes deep, world-class capabilities and sub-disciplines such as organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, and process engineering that are frequently brought together within and across businesses to advance new technologies and create valuable new outcomes for our customers.