Meet Our Solvers

Meet Our Solvers

10,000 colleagues. 150 facilities. One shared purpose. 

We’re working inclusively with a global community to find sustainable, innovative, market-driven solutions for some of the world’s biggest challenges.

The world is small, but the challenges it faces are big. At DuPont, we take an inclusive approach to innovation—working with stakeholders and solvers from across the globe to imagine, test and bring to life solutions that answer the world’s greatest challenges.

What drives us.

Our global community of solvers is unified by a singular purpose—using science to make a difference. By working inclusively and globally, we’re creating sustainable, innovative, market-driven solutions essential to a better and safer life. We’re working every day to get more nutritious food to more people in every corner of the world, to contribute to a bright energy future, and to ensure the protection of life and help safeguard our environment.

Review our Guiding Principles to learn more about what drives the work we do.

Doing more.

As part of our ongoing commitment to seeking guidance and feedback from a global community of experts on biotech issues, we are excited to launch the DuPont Biotech Insight Series. The Insight Series explores emerging biotechnology issues with practitioners and recognized experts from diverse fields of study such as law, ethics, culture and business. 

We’re also committed to giving consumers access to experts who can answer their questions about biotechnology.  DuPont staff volunteer their time and expertise to GMO Answers, a program to provide clear, direct and transparent answers to any and all questions about biotech, GMOs and food production. We invite you to ask your questions.