DuPont Volunteers on GMO Answers


DuPont staff volunteer time and contribute expertise to GMO Answers, a program created for consumers to provide clear, direct, and transparent answers to any and all questions about biotech, GMOs, and food production.  

Click each solvers name below to view their full profile or view all DuPont experts on GMO Answers. Visit to submit your questions about GMOs or biotechnology to our team of and the more-than 100 other experts who contribute to the site.


our experts  
Andy Hedgecock  Director, Scientific Affairs, DuPont Pioneer
Bryan Delaney, Ph.D Research Fellow, DuPont Pioneer
Clinton Pilcher, Ph.D. Director, Scientific Affairs – Insect Resistance Management, DuPont Pioneer
Elizabeth Owens, Ph.D. Regulatory Compliance Scientist, DuPont Pioneer
Jim Gaffney, Ph.D. Strategy Lead, Biotech Affairs and Regulatory, DuPont Pioneer
Judy (Qinfang) Wang Senior Manager, Biotech Affairs and Regulatory
Ray Layton, Ph.D. Research Fellow for Environmental Safety, DuPont Pioneer
Scott Mundell Senior Compliance Manager, DuPont Pioneer
Wendelyn Jones, Ph.D. Product Stewardship and Regulatory Manager, DuPont Crop Protection