Safety & Science of Plant Biotech


How does plant biotechnology work? The following provides more information about the science behind plant biotechnology.


Transgenics (often referred to as plant biotechnology) is the application of scientific knowledge to transfer beneficial genetic traits from one species to another to enhance or protect an organism. Leaders in biotechnology's development are applying scientific processes at the gene level to affect expressed and inherited traits.  » » More


With any new technology, people will have questions. When vaccines were first introduced, some people were concerned that vaccines would cause harm instead of disease protection. As with any issue that involves scientific change and progress, it is important to minimize and control the risk for harm, and listen to and address concerns.

Scientists — including researchers in universities, government and companies like DuPont — all work according to a standard federal government review process that promotes safety first and foremost. Before a biotechnology product even enters the government review process, it is thoroughly tested and reviewed by DuPont.  » More

FAQs about Plant Biotechnology

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