Calvin Chien, DuPont Fellow

Environmental Engineer, DuPont Engineering Technology, Wilmington, DE  

Calvin Chien, a DuPont Fellow, is a world renowned engineering authority in environmental containment, transport modeling, and hydrogeology. He is also a member of the DuPont Lavoisier Academy for Technical Achievement.

Calvin Chien

Quote:  “DuPont is a special company….not just because of its long history and great people, but because of its unique culture. Simply put, the people of DuPont demonstrate in their daily work our core values: safety and health, environmental stewardship, the highest ethical behavior, and respect for people. DuPont provides ideal environment and sufficient support and freedom for the technical professionals to offer the best they can to the company. Every morning, I can’t wait to come to the office.”

                       - Calvin Chien

Calvin came to DuPont from Conoco in 1986 to become a technology leader in the investigation and remediation of soil and groundwater contamination. His precedent-setting work over his career brought together the research, industry, and regulatory communities to examine and address collaboratively tough environmental technical challenges.

The three books he developed on environmental containment technology have been recognized as the classic and standard references in both industrial and research communities.

Today Calvin spends much of his time in China leading collaboration in cooperation with Chinese universities and government and industrial institutes in the development of remediation technology.  Calvin helped initiate the multi-year Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) effort that will have a significant lasting impact on soil remediation and environmental protection in China.

Calvin has served on numerous national and international scientific advisory panels, including with the USEPA, DOE, ASCE, NSF, and Chinese MEP.  

Born in Xian, China, Calvin grew up in Taipei, Taiwan.   A graduate from National Taiwan Cheng-Kung University, Calvin received his M.S.E. and Ph.D. degrees in hydrology and environmental modeling from SUNY Buffalo.