DuPont Science and Engineering Excellence Awards

DuPont Excellence Medallion Image
The DuPont Excellence Medallion bears the image of founder E. I. DuPont

DuPont employees deliver science-based solutions every day to address the needs of a growing global population.  Annually the company celebrates colleagues whose contributions have had the most substantial impact for our customers, our company, and the world.  We celebrate people who have been nominated by their peers in 4 categories:

  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Sustainable Growth
  • Marketing & Sales

DuPont Science Excellence Awards

The Bolton/Carothers Innovative Science Award recognizes teams that create and apply science and technology in ways that generate significant and sustained industry and society impact.  Each recipient has made key technical contributions to recently-commercialized new products or processes that are generating notable value in the marketplace.

The Award takes its name from the two people most responsible for the commercialization of the world’s first synthetic fiber, nylon.   Wallace Carothers drove the remarkable scientific discovery work for this transformative innovation.  Elmer Bolton provided the focus, insights, dogged determination, and courage required to move Carothers’s invention from the lab into the market.  Together, Bolton and Carothers created and drove one of the most productive innovation eras in our company’s history and created new classes of materials that lifted the standard of living in the 20th Century.

DuPont Engineering Excellence Awards

Engineering Excellence Awards recognize individuals and teams who have enabled DuPont business success through their extraordinary application of engineering skills. Their accomplishments are critical to the success of DuPont, particularly as we strive to outperform our competition in today’s challenging global environment. The hard work, perseverance, innovation and technical mastery of Engineering Excellence Award recipients set the benchmark of technical excellence and focus on sustainable business achievements for DuPont.

The Engineering Excellence Program honors those who have surpassed expectations and distinguished themselves among their peers in their exceptional application of engineering principles and practices. Year after year, this growing honor roll of recipients redefines the standards of engineering excellence and technical innovation in DuPont.