Solutions for Living

Great Things Begin with Biotech

We see biotechnology as the promise of endless possibilities for better, more sustainable living.

The result is as comfortable as tire carpet you walk on, as healthy as the oil your food is cooked in, as plentiful as the choices you have in foods grown on less land than ever before. Using biotechnology, we can help crops better protect themselves from insects so farmers cars reduce insecticide applications. We can develop enzymes that make lactose-free and lactose-reduced foods for the 70% of the world who are lactose-intolerant. We can create better fibers and renewable fuels that make our households safer, our communities healthier, and our life simpler. Biotechnology opens the door to limitless possibilities that fit — and adapt— to consumers' lifestyles, taking Inspiration from nature to find sustainable solutions from farm to table, from how we live and work every' day to global food production and energy challenges.

Guiding Principles