Focus on Safety


At DuPont, we both respect and share consumers' focus on the safe use of biotechnology. For more than 200 years, our scientists and engineers have personally and professionally committed to keeping public and environmental safety at the forefront of all the work we do.

Before a biotechnology product even enters the government review process, it must meet our own safety requirements. Each potential new product is thoroughly tested and reviewed by scientists at DuPont and, a team of internal experts monitor research from day one. New biotechnology products undergo more than 75 studies.

Beyond our own review, more than 70 international government bodies review and regulate GMOs. For example, in the U S., the EPA. USDA and FDA review new GMOs to help ensure they are safe for the environment and human and animal health.

We invite you to see our commitment to safety in action. View just one example of the type of safety assessments we conduct on our biotech seed products here. In addition, record of our safety assessments, and those submitted for review by other companies, are made available by the USDA here and the U.S. FDA here.

We invite you to see our commitment to safety in action. As an example of how our internal safety testing and review process works to ensure the safety of our solutions, view the safety assessments conducted on one of our corn seed products genetically modified to resist insect damage, Herculex® Insect Protection products.