Simon Lumsdon, Senior Research Chemist

Chemist, DuPont Crop Protection, Wilmington, DE  

Simon Lumsdon works in the Formulations Research & Development Group of the DuPont Crop Protection business. His role involves developing new formulations for active ingredients prior to launch and supporting existing commercial products.

Simon Lumsdon

Quote: “DuPont – a perfect example of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”

                       - Simon Lumsdon


Formulations are needed to deliver a pesticide or herbicide active ingredient to the plant in a safe and efficient manner. A formulation consists of surfactants and inert ingredients that provide both physical and chemical stability to the product and improve the biological performance of the active. Most recently Simon has been developing the Seed Treatment formulation competency, as part of the DuPont™ Dermacor® seed treatment offering.

Simon enjoys working with colleagues from very diverse backgrounds, with the common goal of increasing the quality, quantity and safety of the world’s food supply.

Simon first joined DuPont Central Research & Development as a Visiting Scientist in August, 2002. This was an excellent introduction to the DuPont Company, as it gave him the opportunity to collaborate with a number of different business units on particle and surfactant related projects.

Raised in Newcastle, England, Simon received his B.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Chemistry from the University of Hull. In his spare time, he enjoys soccer, golf and baseball.