Andrew E. Taggi, Research Associate

Chemist, DuPont Crop Protection, Wilmington, DE  

As the son of a DuPont chemist, Andrew was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware. He received his B.A. in chemistry at Cornell University, and subsequently his M.A. and Ph.D. from The Johns Hopkins University, where he developed new catalytic asymmetric reaction methodologies catalyzed by cinchona alkaloids. This research earned him a fellowship from the Division of Organic Chemistry, of the American Chemical Society.

Andrew E. Taggi

Quote: “Working at DuPont allows me to do cutting-edge science, with a positive societal impact.”

                       - Andrew E. Taggi

Andrew returned to Cornell University, where as a Postdoctoral Associate, he studied natural products chemistry and chemical ecology under Jerrold Meinwald, in collaboration with Thomas Eisner. His work on spider venoms earned him an NIH postdoctoral fellowship. Everything came full circle when Andrew joined the Discovery Chemistry Group in DuPont Crop Protection in Delaware in 2004, where he is now a Research Associate.

In his time at DuPont Andrew has been a chemistry team leader on many projects dedicated to the discovery of fungicides and herbicides for use in global cereals production. His work has resulted in seventeen patent applications and was selected to be presented at the Young Investigators Symposium at the 238th National ACS Meeting. Andrew recently completed a two year term as an Associate member of the DuPont Fellow’s Forum.