DuPont Sustainable Solutions

DuPont Sustainable Solutions helps organizations realize their innate potential.

Through our consulting services and process technologies, we want to improve the productivity, safety, environmental value and ultimately, the profitability, of your company.

You know you have the people, operations and vision to take your business way beyond—the challenge is to mobilize them. We will be at your side to unleash lasting improvements in your processes, technologies and capabilities, and empower your people to create a stronger and more responsible organization. This will help you realize the hidden potential of your business on the local and global stage.

Our consultants’ extensive practical experience to enables them to create individually-tailored solutions that improve the quality, cost and efficiency of clients existing systems and benchmark performance.

We leverage our practical experience safely operating facilities in dozens of countries while generating consistent shareholder returns, and we have helped more than 1700 clients in 100 countries achieve similar results.

Our Clean Technologies portfolio is comprised of market-leading technologies used across the world by current industry leaders and those who aspire to industry leadership. Our technologies are licensed in 190 units globally and we've worked with more than 1,000 customers worldwide.