DuPont CEO Ellen Kullman Sits Down with Time Magazine

DuPont CEO Ellen Kullman

Time Magazine
By Brian Walsh

"Kullman has transitioned the company away from some of its traditional fields -- including the performance chemicals business, best known for its nonstick frying pans and paints -- and towards higher growth sectors in high-tech agriculture and nutrition. That shift has worked so far -- last month DuPont announced that its fourth-quarter profits had doubled on the back of brisk sales of high-tech seeds and pesticides."

A science company must continually evolve to meet the changing needs of the market and the challenges facing its customers. Today, DuPont is focused on providing more and better food to a growing population, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and protecting people and the environment. Ellen sat down with Time Magazine to discuss how DuPont is responding to global demographic shifts and meeting demand in all corners of the world.

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