DuPont Position Statement on Science

DuPont believes that science-based innovation is more important than ever to deliver real solutions to global challenges like providing enough safe and healthy food for a growing world population, decreasing our dependence on fossil fuels, and protecting people and the environment.

DuPont supports open dialogue on the benefits and role that science and technology play in society. We are proud to have passionate and dedicated scientists and engineers at our company, many of whom are actively engaged in their communities to promote the role of science and technology in society.

Scientific inquiry and substantiated facts form the basis of scientific innovation. They are critical for sound decision-making and should form the basis of stewardship practices, regulations, laws and policies. Scientific innovation is increasingly multi-faceted, and today’s innovators benefit from diverse collaborations, transparency of information, and engagement with consumers and society.

Scientific innovation advances society, is vital to sustainable development and creates economic growth. DuPont innovations benefit customers through a range of products and solutions, including, for example:  higher-yielding crops that are better able to withstand pests; sustainably-produced materials for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications; enzyme solutions for industrial applications; materials for automotive fuel efficiency and renewable energy; probiotics and cultures for improved nutrition; and solutions for consumer electronics, among many others. These innovations benefit consumers by introducing new science knowledge and processes that help raise our standard of living, improve sustainable offerings, and increase prosperity for society overall.

DuPont has been bringing science-based innovations to the global marketplace since 1802.