DuPont Position Statement on Balancing the Needs for Sustainable Food and Energy

Our Commitment to Helping Meet Global Demand for Safe Food and Sustainable Energy:

  • DuPont believes it is imperative to meet the world’s growing needs for food, fuel, feed and materials, and that those needs can be fulfilled in an economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable manner.  
  • DuPont believes it is essential that we foster purposeful dialogue and coordinated actions among all stakeholders around the world, and DuPont is dedicated to helping bring interested parties together to find viable solutions.
  • DuPont believes that a holistic approach, across the entire supply chain, is required to meet the demand for food, feed, fuel and materials, while protecting the environment and assuring everyone’s access to safe, nutritious food.  
  • DuPont believes scientific advancements will continue to provide solutions for increased agricultural productivity, improved food quality and innovative renewable energy sources.
  • DuPont fundamentally believes that a key part in meeting our shared responsibility to ensure food supply and reduce dependence on fossil fuel is to support scientific advancements and supply chain collaborations that ultimately ensure adequate supply regardless of the impact of political, environmental or economic factors.