Senior Leadership

Upholding Values, Managing the Network, and Driving Excellence

Executives Leaders

The DuPont executive team includes our CEO, senior vice presidents and business presidents. They each assume top-line responsibility for upholding and enforcing our vision and core values.

Regional Leaders

Our regional and country leaders guide and manage our global network of operations, putting the DuPont vision into action. They each play a critical role in implementing our vision to be the world's most dynamic science company by promoting safety and health, environmental stewardship, the highest ethical behavior, and respect for people.

Functional Leaders

Our functional leaders direct essential business functions and drive excellence in productivity. They oversee essential corporate divisions such as human resources, information technology, and operations, continuously driving improvements in productivity.



Edward D. Breen

Chairman and CEO

Benito Cachinero-Sánchez

Senior Vice President – DuPont Human Resources

James C. Collins, Jr.

Executive Vice President

AnnaMaria DeSalva

Vice President - Corporate Communications

Marc Doyle

Executive Vice President

Nicholas C. Fanandakis

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

William F. Feehery

President - DuPont Industrial Biosciences

Stacy Fox

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Timothy P. Glenn

President - DuPont Crop Protection

Krysta Harden

Vice President of Public Policy and Chief Sustainability Officer

Matthias Heinzel

President - DuPont Nutrition & Health

Jon D. Kemp

President - DuPont Electronics & Communications

Rose Lee

President - DuPont Protection Solutions

Douglas Muzyka

Senior Vice President and Chief Science & Technology Officer

Richard C. Olson

Senior Vice President - DuPont Corporate Services

Randy L. Stone

President - DuPont Performance Materials

Phuong Tram

Chief Information Officer


Pierrick Le Gallo

President - DuPont Europe, Middle East and Africa

Tony H.S. Su

President - DuPont Asia Pacific

Juan Manuel Vaquer

President - DuPont Latin America & Associate General Counsel


Jeanmarie F. Desmond

Vice President & Controller

Gregory R. Friedman

Vice President - DuPont Investor Relations

Donna H. Grier

Vice President and Treasurer

Matthew C. Koenings

Vice President - Safety, Health & Environment and Operational Excellence

Valerie J. Sill, CFA

President & CEO - DuPont Capital Management

Shelley Stewart, Jr., C.P.S.M.

Vice President - DuPont Sourcing & Logistics and Chief Procurement Officer

Mary P. Van Veen

Vice President - Tax

Linda B. West

Vice President - DuPont Corporate Planning & Analyses