Community Outreach around the World

We are proud to partner with community outreach programs around the world. At the local and regional level, we use our expertise to help address food, environmental and quality-of-life challenges.

Fighting Malnutrition in Africa

Poverty, drought, and climate change impact agricultural productivity, requiring technology advances and innovations for farmers.

DuPont is partnering with Africa Harvest Biotech Foundation International to develop a more nutritious sorghum to help feed the 300 million people in rural Africa that rely on it for daily nourishment.

The sorghum project also trained African scientists on the technology used and regulatory requirements at Pioneer Hi-Bred headquarters in Iowa.

Improving Quality of Life in a Mexican Community

Grupo Renacimiento La Higuera I.A.P., a group of local college students, partnered with DuPont to improve the quality of life in La Higuera, a community north of Mexico City characterized by lack of family integration and education, overcrowding, and polluted public areas.

Working together, we developed workshops on family and community values, vegetable growing, and the environment. La Higuera is improving its green areas and building a culture of ecology and community.

The results to date:

  • 6,500 people have participated in workshops
  • Student absence is down 30%
  • 40 tons of recycled materials have been collected

Helping Habitat for Humanity in a Canadian Town

In Canada, DuPont provided products and services to Mississauga, Ontario’s first Habitat for Humanity home.

“Through our products and services, we strive to help people everywhere to enjoy a safer and healthier life,” said Glen Roberts, director of Building Innovations. “We are especially pleased to contribute to the construction of this family home in our company’s Canadian headquarters community.”

Raising Healthier Children in Pakistan

Over 500,000 children in Pakistan will not make it to their fifth birthday due to preventable diseases. To reverse the trend, Naya Jeevan, a non-profit organization, works with health institutions to provide comprehensive health plans and offer insurance at subsidized rates for low-income groups.

DuPont provided funding to support a pilot plan to target 350 low-income school students who would otherwise not have access to healthcare. The plan covers health coverage, check-ups, and awareness workshops for one year.