Energy-Saving Cold Water Laundry Detergent

Energy-Saving Cold Water Laundry Detergent

DuPont Industrial Biosciences launched PREFERENZ™ P 280, a new cold water laundry product to Procter & Gamble in late 2013. It marks a major milestone for us – the launch of a new enzyme for P&G’s line of liquid laundry products. PREFERENZ™ P 280 will enable development of consumer goods that reduce energy consumption in laundry through high cleaning performance in cold water. The launch is the culmination of an agreement dating back to 2008 with the specific objective to develop the next generation superior protease enzyme technology suitable for cold water washes in P&G’s global laundry detergents. Industrial Bioscience’s sustainable innovation delivered a product that helps close the performance gap between 60°F (cold setting) and 90°F (warm setting) on proteinaceous soils. This was accomplished with improved protease stability in detergents. We believe that joint commercialization plans will see this protein become one of the most if not the most widely used engineered enzyme in the world. The synergistic enzyme-detergent system developed will reduce the environmental impact of clothes cleaning worldwide through energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

The exclusive launch of PREFERENZ™ P 280 will realize guaranteed revenues of at least $75M per annum and in excess of $500M through 2020. The annual revenue for PREFERENZ™ P 280 will increase 5-7% per annum. DuPont has assisted with the delivery of P&G’s publicly stated sustainability goal to have 70% of all washing machine loads use cold water by 2020.

DuPont and Procter & Gamble Company are the joint winners of the 2014 Sustainable Bio Award for Bio-Based Product Innovation of the Year. The two companies were recognized at the 2014 World Bio Markets Conference in Amsterdam for their pioneering work to achieve the previously impossible: the cleaning power of warm-water clothes washing at cold-water temperatures. These activities significantly contribute towards the continued growth of the relationship with P&G, one of DuPont’s largest global customers.

PREFERENZ™ P 280 is included globally in P&G liquid laundry detergents, including P&G’s revolutionary Tide® Pods enabling consumers to choose cold water for their laundry regardless of their garment, geography, machine type or detergent format. Delivering this “sustainable solution” to the largest liquid detergent company in the world means that this innovation will touch approximately 43MM households globally. The potential to reduce the environmental impact of clothes cleaning worldwide through energy savings and greenhouse gas emission is substantial.