University Outreach Programs

DuPont is committed to improving the quality of life and enhancing the vitality of communities in which operates throughout the world.  Through financial contributions and the volunteer efforts of its employees, DuPont has long-supported programs and organizations that address social progress, economic success and environmental excellence — all vital components of community sustainability. Perhaps less well-known is the philanthropic support, which DuPont has provided to young scientific leaders through the DuPont Young Professor Grants.

The DuPont Young Professor program dates to 1918 when Pierre S. du Pont noticed that there were not enough graduating students for him to hire into his organization. In order to improve this talent pool, he selected 42 schools and provided grants that supported young faculty. Since 1968, this program has provided grants to young professors aimed at encouraging highly original research, while helping the recipients begin their academic research careers. To date, over 700 young professors in greater than 140 institutions in 19 countries have received grants totaling over $50 million.

The DuPont Young Professor Grant Program is a global program designed to help young faculty members, within five years of full-time appointment, begin their research careers. The hope is that these unrestricted grants will lead to a fruitful relationship beneficial to both parties and could include future research partnerships, student hiring, etc. In order to be considered for this two year grant program, a DuPont employee must nominate the young professor.