Uses & Applications

Broad Array of Polyimide and PBO Precursor Chemistries Specifically Engineered for Microelectronic Applications.

HD MicroSystems products have traditionally been used as stress buffers / passivation layers over semiconductor circuitry. Most recently, they have become the industry standard in flip chip and bond pad redistribution applications.   There is also a growing interest in using these polymers as high temperature adhesives for wafer bonding and 3D applications and in MEMs applications.

In other industries, they have also been used as dielectric films in a wide range of applications on wire, fiber optics, quartz capillaries, circuit innerlayers, planarization and gap filling.

Stress Buffer / Passivation Layers

  • HD-4100 Series - Photodefineable, Negative, Solvent
  • HD-8800 - Photodefineable, Positive, Aqueous
  • PI-2545 - Non-photodefineable, Wet Etch

Flip Chip, C-4 & Redistribution Layers

Interlayer Dielectric

High Temperature Adhesives

MEMS Applications

Fiber Optic & Quartz Capillary Coatings