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Innovation in CMP: The IKONIC™ Polishing Pad Platform

Aug 29, 2017

The IKONIC™ polishing pad platform has been Dow’s biggest CMP portfolio expansion in recent years, an innovation in advanced pad technology targeting multiple CMP applications. In this interview, Colin Cameron discusses the technology and its value in the marketplace.

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How Indium Enables Advanced Semiconductor Packaging

May 25, 2017

For a group of emerging electronics applications, high-temperature manufacturing processes pose significant challenges. In this interview, Dow’s experts explain the drivers for its latest SOLDERON plating chemistry leveraging the material properties of indium.

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Evolution of LCDs, Part 1: BCS Technology

Nov 15, 2016

In this interview, Dow experts answer questions on the evolution of the LCD television market and how it is reshaping the future of displays. The interview then drills down into black column spacer (BCS) technology and its impact on cost and performance in the display market.

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Technology Spotlight: IKONIC™ 4100 Polishing Pads, R&D 100 Awards Finalist

Nov 01, 2016

The IKONIC™ 4100 CMP pad series is a finalist for the 2016 R&D 100 Awards. Hear from our in-house experts about this innovative technology and how it is used in advanced chemical mechanical planarization (CMP). This is part two in a series profiling the R&D 100 Award Finalists from Dow Electronic Materials.

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Technology Spotlight: CTO™ 2000 Trimming Overcoat Named an R&D 100 Finalist

Oct 27, 2016

The R&D 100 Awards are one of the highest honors in the research and design community. In this interview, we talk to Dow experts about the innovation behind one of this year’s finalists, CTO™ 2000 Trimming Overcoat, a solution for lithography in semiconductor manufacturing that enables patterning of smaller features than photolithography can do alone.

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OLED Displays Change Future Display Paradigms

Sep 14, 2016

The market for OLED displays is growing at a rapid pace, driven by smartphones, TVs, wearable devices, and more. This is driving new technology requirements to keep up with market trends. Demand for materials required in panel production is expected to increase along with the overall market growth.

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Addressing CMP Slurry Market Drivers with the OPTIPLANE™ Platform, Part 2 of 2

Sep 13, 2016

Part two of this interview with Dow's Adam Manzonie examines Dow’s recently launched OPTIPLANE™ CMP slurry platform, focusing on the market drivers and steps to commercialization to deliver a total solution to meet 14nm chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) requirements.

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Dow’s Peter Trefonas, Ph.D., Interviewed at SPIE Advanced Lithography

Sep 06, 2016

At the 2016 SPIE Advanced Lithography Conference, Peter Trefonas, Ph.D., was interviewed about his experiences in the field of photolithography. Throughout Trefonas’ 30+ years in the lithography field he has made significant contributions to photoresist technology and anti-reflective coatings.

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Addressing CMP Slurry Market Drivers with the OPTIPLANE™ Platform, Part 1 of 2

Aug 17, 2016

In part one of this interview series, Dow's Adam Manzonie explains how the new OPTIPLANE™ CMP slurry platform meets requirements for 14nm node processes and below, which are much more sophisticated than those used for less advanced nodes. The OPTIPLANE™ CMP slurry family consists of Dow’s most advanced slurries for dielectric chemical mechanical planarization (CMP).

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Nanorods and Other Dimensionally Confined Nanomaterials for Optoelectronics

Dec 15, 2015

Dimensionally Confined Nanomaterials (DCNs) enable optoelectronics due to high luminescence and control of the spectral output. The market for DCN is expected to have high growth rate and value. Working in collaboration with the University of Illinois, Dow is conducting research to differentiate DCNs to improve its device performance IP.

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Behind the Scenes of Dow’s Finalists for the 2015 R&D 100 Awards: Part 3 | IKONIC™ 2000 CMP Polishing Pads

Nov 12, 2015

This is the third installment of Dow’s R&D 100 Awards interview series, which delves into the three Dow Electronic Materials products named as finalists. In this interview, Dow’s Marty DeGroot explains the innovations behind the technology, and how the IKONIC™ CMP polishing pad series is addressing next-generation customer requirements.

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Behind the Scenes of Dow’s Finalists for the 2015 R&D 100 Awards: Part 2 | SOLDERON™ BP TS 6000 Tin-Silver

Oct 20, 2015

This series interviews Dow experts who were pivotal to the development and commercialization of innovative chemistries that are finalists for the 2015 R&D 100 Awards. In Part 2, Wataru Tachikawa talks about the changing requirements in advanced wafer-level packaging (AWLP) and how SOLDERON™ BP TS 6000 Tin-Silver meets them.

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Behind the Scenes of Dow’s Finalists for the 2015 R&D 100 Awards: Part 1 | MICROFILL™ THF Electrolytic Copper

Sep 28, 2015

This series interviews Dow experts who were pivotal to the development and commercialization of innovative chemistries that are finalists for the 2015 R&D 100 Awards. In Part 1, Maria Rzeznik talks about the changing requirements in high-density PCBs and how MICROFILL™ THF-100 Electrolytic Copper addresses them.

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Enhanced Methods for Specialty Chemicals Purification and OLED Device Fundamentals

Sep 09, 2015

The growing Active Matrix OLED (AMOLED) market calls for specialty chemicals that require purification. This interview with researchers from Dow and the University of Minnesota details the work being done on this through a University Partnership Initiative, generating knowledge to support high-performance OLED display development and next-gen OLED offerings.

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Development of Highly Efficient Organic Light Emitting Diodes with Novel Light Emission Mechanism

Aug 11, 2015

OLED displays are growing rapidly and have a wide variety of market applications. In conjunction with Kyung Hee University in Korea, Dow is researching a novel emitter system to enable the manufacture of high-performance, large flat panel displays. In this interview, Dr. Lee explains the work in progress and potential benefits.

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Material Considerations for the IOT and Heterogeneous Integration, Part 2 of 2

Aug 06, 2015

The semiconductor industry has been going through rapid and radical change in the past few years. Mobile and wireless computing, and the IoT call for taking other elements into consideration. Part 2 of this series looks at the new device technologies needed to enable the IoT.

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How Do Tin-Silver Caps Influence Reliability of Copper Pillar Applications?

Jul 23, 2015

As packaging technologies must address the higher performance and increased functionality of today’s electronic devices, traditional C4 bumps are reaching their limits. The industry is turning to Cu pillars as a solution for fine pitch bumping, with tin-silver caps becoming the solder capping material of choice. In this interview, Dr. Jianwei Dong explains why.

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Materials Considerations for Next-Gen Semiconductor Architectures, Part 1 of 2

Jul 07, 2015

The semiconductor industry has been going through some rapid and radical metamorphoses over the past few years, which means taking new elements into consideration, such as battery size and life, security and integration of MEMS, sensors and RF devices. What does this mean for the consumable suppliers to the semiconductor industry?

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